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Sausage bap, Tea & Coffee
9am   Team registration (score cards will be handed-out)
9.30am   Safety briefing & explanation of the format for the day
- Hosted by Promatic
9.40am   Shoot for 3 Hours
Simulated high birds, low birds, ground game & the very special GNAT events
12.30pm   Hand in scores
1.45pm   Canap├ęs at the bar/on the terrace whilst competitors finish
2.30pm   3 course set menu in the Hayloft Restaurant
3.30pm   Prize giving and competition awards
4pm   Charity Auction for Ty Gobaith
Home or extended drinks

Special GNAT event: Shoot radio controlled model aircraft

The GNAT offers a new and exciting challenge to shooting enthusiasts. It is a target like no other, capable of speeds up to 100 mph and aerobatics to confound the experts. It has the flexibility to cater for all standards of shooters, ensuring good fun for everyone.

Teams use conventional shotguns and cartridges. Scores soon start to mount up, as direct hits set off explosive pods fitted to the aircraft, giving a highly visual effect. Maximum bonus points are achieved by blowing the target out of the sky!

GNATs are proving a popular addition to corporate and charity clay pigeon shoots, as well as to private parties. They are always voted the highlight of the day on these occasions.